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These are a few images from a game I've been working on for quite a while, called Project - Raptor. If the name sounds a little familiar, it's because it was designed to be a 3d version of the typical top down arcade shooter (like Apogee's Raptor). I started working on this game because I wanted to create a demo to show game companies in hopes of getting a job in the industry (job offers are of course, more than welcome).

Some development info:
  • Uses OpenGL for rendering and DirectX for input and sound
  • A whopping 3 different weapons (Cannon, Laser, and Plasma)
  • Pickups including: weapons, multiplier (up to 6 shots at a time), health, shield, and extra points
  • Only one level since it is a demo
  • Semi AI (enemies can put a lead on the player based on their current weapon and the players speed)
  • Simple heightmap terrain that is loaded from a polygonal mesh
  • Standard particle effects for explosions, smoke, and plasma weapon
  • "Developer" settings available to turn on/off: wireframe (shown in bottom right screenshot), normals, bounding boxes, lighting, fog...
  • Custom plugins developed for 3dsMax to export the meshes and designing the levels (placing enemies, pickups...)
  • All programmers art (which is probably noticeable) except for the background space image
  • Development history (including screenshots along the way) available at my website:

    Direct download link to demo (2mb):

    Note: I would recommend that you look at the Help screen and at the controls under the Settings screen before starting!

    I would appreciate any feedback and would also welcome any questions!

    Sean Smith

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