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I decided to send you a picture from a tutorial I'm currently writing for DirectX 8. My tutorial builds on the basic triangle sample in the DX SDK up to what you see in this picture.

This image contains fog, lighting, black-light effect, mip-maps, Anisotropic filtering of textures, hardware T&L, backface culling and z-buffering. This scenes takes less than 1 ms to render in windowed mode on my P3 450, with an Asus v7100 GeForce 2 MX video card. As you can see there's not much polygons to draw!

As a sidenote, the lamp post was modeled and textures in Milkshape 3D, and imported using an import class, which imports native .MS3D objects.

All of these will be covered in my tutorial which will be posted on my web site soon. I'm finishing the second part, and as soon as I'm done with lightmaps, I'll post them. Site is at:

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