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This is a picture of a research project I have done in my spare time here at Crytek. I got interested in doing some Direct3D stuff, and inspired by Doom3 my work had to be about lights and shadows. This demo uses per-pixel attenuation for the lighting, thanks to Ron Frazier for is awesome tutorial. Unlike him, I do the setup for the PPA inside a vertex shader, only 9 instructions. The shadows are implemented with shadow volumes. Take a look at nVidias developer site and head for the whitepaper of Mark J. Kilgard if you want to learn more about this. The shots were taken on my slower home system, GeForce 256 DDR + Athlon 700. Still runs pretty fast with 75 - 125FPS. I hope you like it, maybe you have some suggestions for a better lighting / shadow implementation, I would love to try them out...


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