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My name is Carl Pedimina and I'm co-founder of a technical and graphic sub-contractor company. Daarwind is a technical and graphic demonstration we have made in order to show our capacities. It was done in three months by four persons: one programmer (me) and three graphists. We have used our own game engine called Seed. Some technical information:
  • Use of Octtree for spatial partitioning
  • Skeleton Animation system (with animation blending)
  • Realtime shadow (using texture map)
  • Sound streaming
  • Daarwind (the main character) has 2400 polygons and about 30 bones
  • There's about 31000 polygons for the level (without dynamic objects)
  • Real time wind management (for the grass, the bamboos and tree leafs)
  • Multi texturing management (look at the reflection effect on pipes)
  • Particle system
  • Use of DirectX8.1 for 3D, Input and Sound
  • You can download a demo here:

    You can send me any comments via email or flipcode forum.


    Carl Pedimina
    Technical Director

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