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This is a screenshot from the 3D graphics library Teddy which I have been working on slowly during last few years. It provides scene graph and windowing system, built on top of OpenGL using the Simple Directmedia Layer and C++.

Teddy has web pages at Full source code and Win32 demo executables can be downloaded from there.

This image shows the scene graph in action. Teddy contains constructors for some primitive shapes like box, sphere, cone, capsule, torus etc. It can also load LightWave object and scene files.

The main focus is to make an easy to use scene graph. There is nothing special about the rendering features. It is plain OpenGL rendering with only separate specular component extension used at the moment, using display lists and no vertex arrays yet. Normal OpenGL vertex lighting and texture mapping is supported. What I myself like in the scene graph is the ability to set camera windows spesific rendering settings while you can have the same scene and camera in multiple camera windows. For examples of this you can look at some more screenshots at Teddy homepage.

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