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As the flipcode terrain engine parade continues, here are some shots of my engine, OGRE. They are about two months old, the newer versions use proprietary models and I'm under an NDA so posting those is probably questionable. The things you don't see in these shots that are functioning in the engine are:
  • Dynamic and static object support, building and tree placement
  • Bezier roads
  • Voxel model support and triangle mesh to voxel model conversion (incomplete)
  • Improved lighting model and other miscellaneous goodies.
  • The things you do see are:
  • Animated volumetric fog
  • Global unique texturing
  • Shadows
  • Motion blur
  • Day/night cycle support
  • Fully dynamic world (texture and geometry data can be altered on per-polygon basis)
  • The indoors counterpart of OGRE, IGOR, is being worked on and I will post shots of it as soon as there's anything worthy to post.


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