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This is a screenshot from Digital Eel's latest game, Dr. Blob's Organism. The game is nearly finished, and we'll put up a demo version soon. You can find some information about the game and more screenshots at the official website:

The game is based on Conway's Life algorithm. Each level has one more more "nuclei" that generate random cells, which propagate outward. Your mission is to shoot at the blob and prevent it escaping the petri dish, and destroy the nucleus in order to advance to the next level. Various powerups and special effects add some spice to the mix.

Organism is my first completed OpenGL project, and pretty simple at that. I only used OpenGL 1.1, but it's plenty good for a fun little arcade game and runs on pretty much every computer you can find (except older laptops). I used SDL for keyboard input and SDL_mixer for sound, so it'll hopefully be easy to port the game to Mac and/or Linux as well. To allow simple user modifications, standard file formats (targa, wav, ogg vorbis) are used.

Iikka Keranen

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