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What you can see are screenshots of our m3D system. It is used to show flats and houses on Internet. m3D is IE plugin written using ActiveX technology. It is quite small (200kb) and typical house is packed to 500kb.

Some technical info:
  • We are using Valve Hammer 3.4 as modeller, and Zoner Half-Life Tools to compile maps.
  • Some popular phrases that should be mentioned (BSP, PVS, RADIOSITY).
  • Graphics is rendered using OpenGL. Software renderering is also supported but since it is PVS and brute Z-Buffer method it works fine on machines with 500MHz or greater CPU clock.
  • Interface allows user to walk and interact with environment. Doors, windows can be opened.
  • Each map has paths for lazy users or those unfamiliar with Quake.
  • Right now m3D is in developing state. We are going to add following features:
  • Dynamic lightning
  • Mirrors
  • Sound system that will increase realism
  • Versions for Netscape, Opera and Linux
  • Finally the link you are dying to see

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