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This is a screen of a recent OpenGL app I wrote for the OpenGL Challenge.

Nothing that special (a joyriding simulation), but curious is a round noisy lightmap I added over the scene when I was done with a frame. The noise is procedurally generated about 20 x a second (I run around 100 fps on a GeForce2), rides atop a fixed noise value per line, and a cone, providing an effect of an "old-time" television: noise, discrete horizontal line noise for a slight banding effect, and corner vignetting.

The effect is better when viewed animated:

The OpenGL Challenge site has it w/ source: The effect can be toggled (key "i"), noise level adjusted (), and size adjusted ([]). Or try for a popup menu, and select "Options", there are plenty of adjustors.

Also of note in the app is a retro 3-2-1 intro, and a closing screen "splintering" effect, which does 255 variations of "chop the screen into bits and move them". Toggle key "x" to demo.


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