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Above is a collage image of the winners of this year's PGD Game programming competition. The inaugural competition was held between January 1st 2005 and March 15th and this year's theme was "Dog Fight", but rather than force entrants to adhere to the traditional idea of 2 plane combatants, we extended this to allow any 2 fighting entities from bacteria to solar systems, as long as the fighting was intense. The other main stipulations were that the main code for the game had to be written in Pascal and that it had to be Open Source, so that others could learn from the code. Prizes ( generously donated by Borland, Caligari, 3impact and NexusDB ) were handed out to the first 3 place getters and 3 entries were given honorary mentions.

The games and their features/tools used, going from left to right, are as follows...

Top Row 2 images : AirBlast
3D Air combat simulation with SU37s. This game was the the most polished/complete of all the entries.
Developer : Eric Grange
Download :
Features :
  • Flight Tutorial mode
  • Duel with SU37 aircraft
  • Large detailed terrains
  • Several modes of game play
  • Tools :
  • OpenGL via the excellent GLScene components ( ).
  • All voice samples were made with AT&T Natural Voices -
  • AARAM, AIM9, Gate and Spanner models were made by Eric
  • Second row left : JagdGeschwader
    3D World War II air combat simulation.
    Developer : Sascha Willems
    Download :
    Features :
  • 4 different WW2 aircrafts to choose from
  • 4 different scenarios
  • Stunning graphics using OpenGL (huge terrains, foliage, water reflections, explosions and more)
  • Arcade-like aircraft physics using the Newton Game Dynamics engine
  • Two players on one PC using splitscreen or two players over LAN/Internet
  • Tools :
  • Used Freeware models, with the permission of their maker changed some stuff on them using 3D Studio MAX
  • Used his own TerrTexGen and T2 (depending on which one gave a better looking terrain texture) for the terrain textures
  • The trees were made using TreeMAGIK (which is Freeware).
  • Used Corel's Bryce for the skyspheres, Photoshop for some afterwork/manipulation of textures and Adobe's Photoshop for the whole GUI.
  • Second row right : Sodoma - Lite
    This is an action shooter ( similar to decent ) multiplayer-only game, with great music and UI.
    Developer : Mind Never Team
    Download :
    Features :
  • 2.5D game (full 3D view, 2D game-logic)
  • created using our own powerful Grom(tm) realtime multimedia engine
  • 3 different ships (fast, balanced, heavy), each concepted for different playing styles
  • 3 different maps for up to 8 players per map (maximum players number map defined; real number virtually unlimited)
  • user-defined color for ship
  • inertial movement (configurable through setup files)
  • smooth network gameplay; automatic search for server
  • radar view
  • secondary weapons for enhanced in-game action
  • original musics & sound effects
  • automatic detection of tables, ships, weapons & music
  • configurable number and types of gameplay view(s)
  • powerful in-game console which allows full control over complete game
  • Tools :
  • FreePascal, Lazarus (originally Borland Delphi 7), Euphoria
  • modelling and animated content created with LightWave3D v8
  • original graphics created with Photoshop CS
  • Third row left : Run-A-War
    Run-A-War is a fast, action packed, fantasy 2D isometric combat game
    Developer : William Cairns
    Download :
    Features :
  • 6 Different Fantasy Characters
  • 2 Different Scenario Maps
  • 8 different Weapons
  • Various Armor, Pickups and Potions
  • Single Player against the Computer or 2 player networking
  • Various Expansion packs can be added
  • Create AI done using Delhi Web Scripting
  • Tools :
  • Used JEDI-SDL ( Pascal headers for SDL )
  • Graphics from Reiner Prokien ( trueSpace ), landscapes done using Vue Esprit 3 Lite.
  • Third row right : Dragon Duel
    Air Combat simulation using Dragons.
    Developer : DGDev Team
    Download :
    Features :
  • Basilisk 3D Engine - Supports OpenGL and Software rendering
  • Two players on one PC using splitscreen or two players over LAN/Internet
  • Tools : - Unspecified

    Forth left : Space Cadett
    Space Shooter with extremely accurate enemy.
    Developer : MSX
    Download :
    Features :
  • Cross platform: works on Linux and Windows
  • OpenGL 3D engine
  • Challanging AI enemy
  • Easy dogfight gameplay
  • Simple and funny cartoon style rendering
  • Tools :
  • Compiles with FreePascal, Delphi, Kylix
  • Blender
  • Gimp
  • Debian
  • JEDI-SDL ( Pascal headers for SDL )
  • OpenAl for sound
  • Forth row right : Area 52
    First Person Death-match game against lethal Computer AI.
    Download :
    Features :
  • A Quake3/UT single player dogfight against an evil Alien Mech
  • DOT3 bump mapping
  • Tools :
  • OpenGL via the excellent GLScene components ( ).
  • Q3 model "Dragoon" by Sgt. Science,Firestarter,Crash
  • Physics are powered by ODE
  • More information about the entries and what the judjes said about each entry can be found @ the competition page.

    I am sure more Pascal developers will join us next January for our next Game Competition and hopefully more great prizes. In the mean time watch out for a demo competition being launched this July.

    Dominique Louis.

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