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This is Helium 3D, my first FINISHED and released game using DirectX 9. It is basically a maze game where you must find the exit using a lot of items and avoiding strange enemies. You drive a ball that will lose air every time you move so is very important the way you use it. All graphics (textures and models) were made entirely by me (hey I'm just a coder ;) and their psicodelic look make the game look very cool. You can use the level editor (bottom left corner) to produce new levels and load them in the game, so this way the levels can be shared on the net. The game is totally written in C++ and uses DirectX for rendering, input and audio. The models were made using MAX 5 and then exported to .x format.

The game features mainly:
  • DirectX 9
  • A kind o quadtree for scene subdivision
  • Particle systems (smoke and sparkles)
  • Timebased physics system
  • Dynamic lights
  • Textured fonts
  • Huge levels to explore
  • Easy to use 2D level editor (Fast and powerfull :)
  • 3D Sound
  • You can download the demo at

    For more screenshots and info about the game visit

    See ya!!

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