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My name is Stephan Unverwerth and I have put a new site online. I will constantly update it as I create interesting programs worth sharing with the community. You can download the programs with full source code and binaries.

There are two programs online right now: 2DBsp is a demo for BSP-Trees that are used for CSG (constructive solid geometry) operations right now the demo supports CSG_Add and CSG_Subtract but feel free to extend it as you like it uses standard GDI-Calls only, so it is 2D for the sake of simplicity The IOTD shows some "rooms" that were created using CSG operations. Every line's endpoints are drawn as well as their normal vector.

TraceR is a simple Raytracer that can do: 4x4 Antialiasing, Reflections, Spheres and Lights. Also, feel free to extend this little prog and let me know what great ideas you're working on. The IOTD shows some spheres arraged in a spiral-like order. some of theme are reflective some not. The reflection recursion is limited to 10 iterations and 4x4 AntiAliasing is activated. The original image was 512x384 and just took TOO LONG to render ;)

Please visit my Homepage and send me some wise words...

Sun-Creations: (or if that link doesn't work...)

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