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Well, this is the beginnings of a RTS game engine. It's in a bit of a mess at the moment I'm afraid, and the graphics are suffering badly from 'programmers art'. The transparency effects won't work properly on a lot of older graphics cards, don't blame me, blame their dodgy OpenGL support. Still, it's feature list is fairly long, if not that impressive:
  • LoD based on distance and terrain variation
  • Bodged "almost A* algorithm" for path finding
  • View frustum culling
  • Procedural landscape texture generation
  • Completely seamless texture tiling [a b*tch to do]
  • Shadow maps
  • Detail texturing [but only not if you've got a lame gfx card]
  • 3 kinds of units [only 2 are textured]
  • Some trees!
  • Lame particle effects
  • Rubbish sounds effects
  • etc
  • The code is fairly slow and unoptimised, it was more of a test of algorithms than an attempt to get a supa fly engine. You can download the source and executable from my website



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