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During my current bout with unemployment, I've been messing with things I've been wanting to, but couldn't while busy with work. More specifically, playing with those nifty features on my Geforce 3 : )

This is a screenshot from an engine I've developed from scratch. It's actually pretty useful in it's current form, and with some decent models and textures, a full game could be made from it.

Current features:
  • Completely vertex and pixel shader based - no use of the fixed function pipline
  • Terrain rendering (uses a repeating detail texture with larger color maps) and collision
  • Static meshes (MS3D and .X formats)
  • Interior areas (Quake II maps) and collision for the interior
  • Segmented and 'skinned' animated objects (MS3D format)
  • Scene graph hierarchy and culling of objects and terrain
  • Reflection mapping, real-time reflecting water, and bump/normal mapping
  • Shadows on everything, being cast by anything, even the terrain
  • Character control, with minor transitions between actions (a bit clunky at the moment)
  • Heat distortion ( texbem / render-to-texture scheme)
  • The screenshot shows a scene that is fully shadowed from a flashlight - anything will cast a shadow onto anything else (even the terrain casts shadows!) via hardware shadow mapping. The framerate dips down to 45fps on my GF3 + 1ghz Athlon.

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