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This is a shot of a java applet game I wrote a couple of years back. It evolved from an even older (1997 or so) wireframe pong applet. It uses AWT to draw the actual polygons, to get decent performance. On modern machines with modern JIT compilers, even if you get multiple "multi-ball" powerups, gameplay is still fluid (Multi-ball causes each ball on screen to explode into 8 seperate balls). The code is pretty ugly; to prevent stuttering caused by the garbage collector, I had to structure the engine and game so that no objects are created or destroyed during play. Hidden surface removal is hard coded. The sides and front of bricks are not drawn if they would be blocked by an adjacent brick.

Click here to play.

It features a server side high score list (which gets 'hacked' periodically by dorks decompiling the applet =). The current high score was from an actual game though.

I haven't done any Java development in years, but it was (and still is) a fun way to get back to the good old days of slow CPUs and no 3d acceleration.

First person to complain that the shot is 'too dark' gets a beatdown.


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