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Here are some nice images which i produced for my first University assignment. I am studying computer graphics at the UTS Sydney Australia, we do raytracing next semester - i can't wait.

Our assignment was to define a 2D polygon, apply some transformation to it (using matrices), draw it, and then repeat those steps again (to the resulting polygon). We were encouraged to change it's colour over the iterations, and use an outline colour too. I implemented alpha transparency, sub-division, and shape distortion - i guess i've been hanging around this site too long ;).

I was the only guy in the class who wrote it in Smalltalk (Squeak). I put up a site, you can see these snap shots plus others here.

This is by no means a complicated project, so please don't look for the vertex lighting, BSP, or 1000 fps (not that there's anything wrong with that!). I was just really happy with the results, and thought i'd begin my first humble IOTD with these guys...

Ali Chamas.

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