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I had a lot of cool (imho) stuff that lost its home during a web site relocation. Now it is available again. The old stuff includes
  • Fractogroovalicious iTunes Visualizer 2.0, now as freeware (top right).
  • Fractalicious, a realtime julia fractal explorer (bottom right).
  • My old ray tracing tutorial series with example code for Mac OS X, Windows and SDL (top middle).
  • I have also added some new programs with source code. These include
  • A realtime plant growth simulator. The shape of the plant is determined by its genes (top left).
  • A procedural world generator (middle left).
  • An OpenGL warping / feedback effect by rendering to a texture (bottom left).
  • The source code for two new ray tracers that do file loading, hierarchical transformations and ray-metasurface intersection.
  • All of this is available at
    (yes this is a shameless attempt to draw more traffic to my visulizer ; P)

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