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This is a screenshot of a tool y have developed two years ago for a project for one of our customers. It's a complete modeler for games based on a proprietary GUI and 3d engine.

Now, I'm working on a new project, called " EZ-World ". This is a short introduction : EZ World, prononced " Easy World ", is the code name of a integrated game development environment for the production of the next generation of games. EZ Worl is based on the most advanced strategy and concept in software tools wich permit to reduce the development time and enhance the quality, the creativity and the complexity of games. EZ World is concepted to integrate cutting edge technology needed like 3D engine, physics engine, sound engine, and to develop for this a high quality content and the best game engine. EZ World is a software for all the game development team : all features like modeling, animating, programming, are based on common concept and are featured in the same environment which permit a efficient cooperativ work for all the members of the team.

You can see more on my site, which is in construction : or directly

Check it later ! It will change...


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