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"Mexican Motor Mafia" is the first game I've programmed. I've done art for a number of commercial titles. The engine was built from scratch while I learned game programming. There is one other artist working on it doing all the character illustration.

It's sort of an updated version of the old Autoduel game and borrows a lot of elements from Pirates! The goal was to make a fun and simple yet complete game with the resources I had at hand. It's 2d and it takes advantage of that.

The weapon system is unusual. All the guns shoot out the sides from the windows. This keeps the game from turning into "ram and shoot" and rewards the player for driving around the map without needing to add racing elements.

The two pieces of preexisting tech I used are Lua and Fmod. Lua has been invaluable in setting up the higher level game functions and one could just modify the game's Lua scripts to make an entirely different game.

I'm not sure if the title "Mexican Motor Mafia" is offensive, I was just going for edgy. If you have an opinion by all means speak up.

I've just created a website at for the game at The illustrator's website is

I'm not planning on putting out a demo until the game comes out, but I have made an old test version available at

This version is very old and a lot has changed since then, but I really wanted to share something playable with the flipcode crowd. The project has been code complete for a while now, except for the copy protection so I can't share that.

-John Loehrlein

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