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I have been working on and off on a scripting language which allows you to compose interactive dynamic computer generated environments which I have called Vanilla.

Vanilla loads and displays 3D models, animations and sound then allows you to move them and virtual cameras around in various ways.

It uses still uses DirectX 8.1, eventually I hope to have the time to upgrade it to DirectX 9.

From a script, that references media, you can set up multi-texturing, environment mapping, motion, collisions, emitters, particle systems, volume shadows and some other stuff.

Most entities have a particle or locator associated with them which can be accellerated by various forces over time. For example you can set a center and force of gravity then assign locators to be affected by it over time.

After a while on this project a sense, process and respond structure emerged which is analagous to a nervous system. Within the script sensors can be defined which detect various changes in the environment. Synthetic neurons can be defined which trigger custom responses when specified sensors are activated.

Responses can be used to inhibit or excite geometry, dynamics and other sensors.

Vanilla can load and run skinned key-frame animations although I have only got the tiny.x from the DirectX sample in my example as I am well aware of how involved creating a skinned animation is.

I have documented much of the script which is a *.chm file.

You can download Vanilla from

Matthew J. Stephens

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