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Mystique is a powerful rendering system, which has been designed with modularity and network support in mind. Mystique allows you to easily develop your own custom plugins, render using many computers over the internet and ships with a hybrid Monte Carlo global illumination render plugin. Developers can write render plugins, ray acceleration plugins, and more, all of which will cooperate seamlessly. For example if you write a ray acceleration plugin which is 50% faster than other existing plugins, all other render plugins in Mysique will automatically be around 50% faster. You won't need to worry about ray intersection tests and acceleration schemes, since this is all done by the other plugins. Network rendering is supported, via LAN and the Internet as well. Your computer could go into render slave mode, which would allow people on your network or on the Internet to use your computer power to render. This would allow you (for example) to render one image using 1000 computers connected via the Internet.

Mystique and its SDK will be free. It will be released with plugins for hybrid Monte Carlo global illumination, 3DSMax and Maya exporters, Octree and Uniform-Grid ray acceleration and a GUI for Windows.

You can find some current in-development renders at in the Mystique section. Mystic Game Development is also searching for artists who can provide some cool models to use to test the system. If you are interested in seeing your work rendered using the new system please contact us via our website.

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