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The above mess of colors represents a screenshot from Paint Defense, a new game just released by Gradient Studios. Not exactly the sort of game that folks might've expected to follow Strayfire, but hey hey.

The official PR-ish description, goes like this: Paint Defense is an action-packed painting game for both the artist and gamer in you! Put your speed and creativity to the test in this wacky, addictive, and wildly colorful painting game! For each level, you're presented with a picture outline. Your goal is to use the mouse to paint over the outline. What's the catch? Hordes of crazy distractions, from tanks to trucks, try their best to completely disrupt or erase your painting! Its pure painting madness!

Exclamation points galore. Anyway, the game runs under Windows and was written in C++ with MSVC6. Its a 2d game running in a DIB window. The sprite scaling/rotating is performed via texture mapping. Many months ago, I slapped together a concept demo in my free time to test the fun factor of the idea, but once I decided to implement the full game, the actual development time was about 2 months (doing the programming, art, and music myself.)

Most of the little tips I wrote about in my Strayfire post-mortem held true for me. For instance, the editor in the screenshot was one of the first things I wrote, which lasted through the project's completion with no major changes or headaches. And again, the most frustrating "grunt work" parts were level content development and the dreaded bug-fixing / polishing phase. Compatibility testing seemed to be much easier with a 2D game, but I can't say that for sure yet since the game demo was just released to the public yesterday.

If you want to check out the free demo version, swing by here. I hope you like it. I've successfully run it with wine under Linux, but no promises there.

Kurt Miller

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