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These are two screenshots from my new OpenGL project. Features:
  • terrain with a grid of 1024x1024 using VAR to achieve throughputs up to 12 MTris/sec
  • EMBM-Water with realtime reflections
  • skybox with moving cloud layers
  • simple particle system (2nd picture)
  • MD2/MD3 models
  • projective shadows
  • The terrain uses a very simple LOD system with 64x64 patches.These patches can have 4 different LOD states which depend on the distance from the camera.(I think on today´s GPUs this is probably the best thing to do or what do you think?). The water uses the texture shaders for perturbation.But this is still a little bit buggy because when you get too close to it the texture projection fails because the Geforce3 can´t do projective offset 2d texturing and so I have to do this myself... The shadows are just simple projective shadows. (black model rendered from lightpos and projected on the floor)

    Before someone has to ask for it:
    System specs: P4 2,0 GHz, Geforce 3


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