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GridWar is my first complete PC game. Over the years I have tried making some kind of game but always ended up with "engineitus", the symptoms of which are the repetitive creation and abandonment of partial game engines. But with age, discipline has become more important to me, so one day I decided to just pick an idea, go with it, and stay focused. I resisted the temptation to do other things as much as I could, no matter how boring the coding got when writing the necessary yet mundane elements. There is nothing at all special or unique on the technical side of things of this game, it is just a simple DirectX 8.1 game, using Direct3D, DirectInput, and DirectMusic interfaces. The game plays like Battleship, but with a little twist. It supports single player and multiplayer via tcp/ip. The game is available at my personal webpage,

David Frey
aka Mastaba on the Flipcode forums

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