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You're looking at couple of screenshots from the TMDC4 invitation intro. TMDC is the pseudoannual international text mode demo competition which is now arranged for the fourth time. More information of the contest can be found from the official TMDC web site:

Everybody interested in demos is invited to take part in the contest!

The intro is actually just a text mode version of tAAt-demogroup's Assembly'01 intro called "Ekoteko 42KB". Some of the effects featured in the intro:
  • sierpinski, burning ship and koch curve fractals
  • voxel cylinder
  • simple physics simulator with a wireframe cube and spheres
  • software synth to build samples for the 2.7MB .XM module music
  • Download URLs and other links:
  • the invitation intro is:
  • the original version of the intro:
  • the TMDC4 web site:
  • Alternate Mirror:
  • --
    Jetro Lauha - part of TMDC4 organization

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