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These screenshots show our 4k-intro released at the Breakpoint 2005 demoparty. The executable size (in fact it's a cabinet file which can be executed as batch file) is exactly 4096 bytes containing all code, graphics and music data. To get the intro running you need DirectX 9.0c (february release with D3DX included as a DLL).

Some technical stuff:
  • The rendering is done using one vertex shader (computing lighting, colors and transformations) and 3 pixel shaders (ps2.0) for planets (with coloring and fake bump-mapping), atmospheres (empirical light scattering model) and planet rings (with shadows)
  • The planet textures are created using a modified subdivision fractal, the background nebula-like textures are generated using fractal methods.
  • The sound is generated using General Midi instruments from the gm.dls file (part of DirectX) and additional sound post-processing.
  • You can find it at:

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