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These are some screen shots from our completely new engine (SreeD) which powers Metastream 3. It runs entirely in software. It can take advantage of DirectX surfaces for faster blits. Some of the more interesting features are:
  • lightmaps with procedural apply
  • mipmapping
  • real time projective planar soft shadows
  • real time anti-aliasing
  • importance sampled progressive accumulation buffer
  • full composting 2D plane
  • affine transformed blended images and anti-aliased vector graphics
  • Some performance stats for high poly count scenes on PIII 600MHz (sustained):
  • 1.3MPolys/s with real time AA off
  • 800KPolys/s with real time AA on
  • This renderer lives within MTS Scene Graph which is highly configurable and heavily instance based. It supports interactions and animation of any kind. The rendering architecture supports real time dynamic LOD based on quality curves and subdivision surfaces. We use highly compressed and streamable file format for space intensive resources.
  • 3-10 Bytes per triangle
  • Wavelet based texture compression (3x over jpeg)
  • We use XML for the scene description.

    Now little bit more about what is Metastream 3. Metastream 3 is a 3D Web technology targeted toward e-commerce and product presentation. It is based on aggressively componentized self updating architecture. The focus is aimed toward visual fidelity, animation, interactivity and integration with other web page content. It runs on Win9x/2000 in NN 4.x+ and IE 4.x+. Mac and Linux ports are in the works.

    The models where build by Ivan Bouinatchov.
    To find out more about Metastream 3, please see

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