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This is a small project I've been working on for about 3 months now. Right now it's a single player 3d shoot'em space game /w a limited chat ability.

I plan on adding a multiplayer component that will allow people to play against eachother. One player will essentially make the fleets, the other people will then have to defend against whatever formations the opposing player decides to launch at him.

I use OpenGL for the graphics, a custom 3dsmax importer for my ships, FMOD for the sound, and standard Win32 for all of my *necessary* stuff.

The particles are still a bit slow (sub tnt2), but they are so flexible that it makes adding any kind of particle effects a breeze. I hope to use them in a future graphics demo that I can not wait to get around to..

You can download the demo at

I'd really like to hear from anyone with a voodoo3 or a radeon and see if they are having any problems with it.

David Massey

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