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Here are some screenshots of Armada 2250: The Rebellion, an action/adventure game where you take on the role of an officer in the United Space Colonies defending a planet from the Reptilians. The game allows you to battle the enemy on foot using a variety of weapons, by vehicle including the human 4 wheel drive vehicle or the Reptilian hover ship. In addition to this, some of the missions take place in space allowing the player to pilot a fighter in this environment. The cool thing about space combat (in my opinion) is that since there is no friction, you can do all sorts of cool flips. So for example, an enemy fighter could be chasing you, when suddenly you do a complete 180, loop around, and then launch a missile at close range. Hard to explain, but I think you get it...

The graphics engine is a 2D/3D hybrid using OpenGL. All of the units, particle effects, and most other objects are all 2D while the trees, some of the terrain, and various other objects are all 3D. The game also features a custom made script engine allowing me (and the end user) to develop missions for the game very easily.

The game also features a custom made script engine allowing me (and the end user) to easily develop missions for the game. Also included is a simple physics engine (nothing too complicated) that gives the environment a more dynamic feel. For example if you use a grenade in the middle of a pile of boxes they'll go flying an all directions. You can also "push" these objects around to create choke-points throughout some of the missions.

WinSock is used to support the multiplayer feature of the game. If you download the BETA version (more info below), you can test out one of the multiplayer levels. Right now the game supports the standard multiplayer modes like DeathMatch and Capture the Flag. I'm also planning on implementing an Internet Lobby Server so that users can easily find games over the Internet.

Right now, you can download a BETA version of this game to try out if you are interested. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. More information can be found at Thank you.

Walter O. Krawec

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