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Here are a few shots of a little toy I made over the weekend. It's a procedural texture generator using 2D perlin noise.

The upper left shot shows how you can set the parameters for generating the image. The upper right shot shows how you can load/save/modify color palettes to map the pixels to. The lower two shots show the most powerful feature of this little toy, the programmable 'modifiers'.

You can create 'modifiers' using a simple C-like expression syntax to modify the noise sample for every pixel in the generated image. All of the C trig functions are included, a few constants (like pi and e), random number generating functions and has the ability to do variable assigments. The parser isn't very optimized, so large expressions tend to slow down texture generation considerably (the expression is parsed for every pixel, eventually I might add some sorta byte code compiler).

I had a lot of fun writing this, and I think it can be very useful for artists and non-artists alike. I don't have a web host, so I cannot offer a download at the moment. If anyone is interested in obtaining the program + full source (Borland C++ Builder 5), just shoot me an email and I'll gladly send you a copy.

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