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This is a screenshot of my real-time global illumination demo written with DirectX 9.0b.A teapot flying in the box is colored by the effect of a color bleeding of the wall which the teapot has in near.

This demo renders a teapot with the following steps:
  • The texture on which diffuse radiance transfer was recorded is prepared beforehand(PRT map).
  • A camera is put on the center of the teapot, and a dual-paraboloid environment map is created.
  • An environment map is multiplied by SH functions in the local coordinate system of an object.
  • An environment map is reduced as creating a mip-map, and it derives SH coefficients of the incomming light.
  • The PRT map is multiplied by SH coefficients calculated from the environment map, and the brightness in each point is derived.
  • More information and downloads are available at (Japanese).

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