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This image shows what can be done with my lastest work; know as Pulsar LMTools.

Pulsar LMTools is a set of tools developed with Borland Delphi/Kylix that are used for generating lightmaps. The license is GPL, so full source code is included with Win32/Linux binaries.

  • Direct Illumination.
  • Light Types: ambient, direct, omni and spot.
  • Although uses a custom (but easy and documented) 3D file format, Direct3D .X and Autodesk 3DS converters are included.
  • Textures used as input (not always needed) must be 32bpp TARGA.
  • Textures output can be; 16bpp & 32bpp TARGA, and 24bpp Windows BMP
  • Octree for speed.
  • MaxScript for exporting 3DS Max/GMax lights.
  • LMTools can be downloaded from next sites;

    Temp. mirror, recomended;

    DXLab page (in spanish but has an english section; just click on the UK flag); (dxlab mirror)

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