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This is a shot of my third-of-the-way-done (mm-hmm) Windoze app which I have been working on for the last couple of weeks. As are many of you, I have been working my way towards a nice 3d game, but my main stumbling block came when I realized there wasn't any (imho) decent way to create level geometry; Radiant makes me feel icky, and my system as well. So here's the deal:
  • Loads quake3 style *.shader files and images directly from zip file (or pk3, whatever)
  • Loads 3DS and MD3 models (perhaps more later) for static geometry (can be exported as such, or just as bbox data)
  • Saves in proprietary format as well as user-definable text format (i.e. you could export easily right into q3map)
  • Simple CSG with brushes
  • Patch curves, with a variety of primitive basics (tubes, cones, etc)
  • Editable entities with user-definable text-entry fields
  • Object/face selecting
  • The general difference between this project and radiant is similar to the difference between Nendo and 3DStudio. My goal is to have a very easy interface as well as a heavily modifyable output for future use with any project as well as Quake3 level editing.

    If you have any suggestions or flame, feel free to email me. This project is geared towards anyone who wants such a tool.

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