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These shots are from an engine I worked on with 7 other guys for SigGraph. The goal was a 3d engine that could render any model as if it were hand-painted. The algorithm is based on the papers by Barbara J. Meyer(correct spelling?) of Disney. It tesselates the loose geometry into a VERY tight set of points and the points are drawn as brushstrokes of any angle and length.

Currently, we're using Glide to get the full speed out of the demonstration hardware. With this engine and the visualization and debugging tools we wrote (those 2 were OpenGL) and file-format-conversion (we used our own format), we won 2nd place in the category of Undergrad research. Other colleges' SigGraph groups tried similar things -- they generally got better quality, but we were the only ones to get it to work in REALTIME.

Each brushstroke you see there is a separate Alpha-blended polygon. So the original model (which was based on a Van Gogh painting), had less than 200 polygons, but in the final rendering stages, we usually draw around 50,000 per frame.

I personally was a latecomer on the project (they were working on it before I transferred into this school). So I managed little more than lighting and a fair amount of debugging. We're going further, though... Realtime Radiosity is around the corner... believe it.

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- Parashar K.

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