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These are 2 screenshots from my final project at Full Sail. We had a team of 4 and 2 months to complete the project from scratch.

  • Particle Systems for spell effects
  • DOF animation for all player models
  • SceneGraph traversing for rendering and culling
  • Multiplayer support (Client/Server model: We haven't stress tested to find out the limit, but we played 5 clients with no noticeable increase in lag, i'm guessing we could handle 10-15 clients)
  • Menu System
  • OpenAL for 3D positional sound.
  • The game is called Relic and is a First/Third Person Shooter. The player can choose from a Max-Payne style view or a typical FPS view.. Instead of using guns though there are 4 classes of wizards that the user can play, each one with 5 unique spells.

    Relic is multi-player only at the moment. We used Quazal's Net-Z API for the networking. Net-Z is being used by Microsoft for the X-Box's multiplayer support as well.

    There are 4 levels, one for each wizard class. Pictured are the Elementalist in his Volcano level, and the Naturalist wizard in his Garden level. The screenshots are from our observer camera so that you could get a better view of the level, the spell, and the character.

    There are particle effects for meteors, poison clouds, insect swarms, dirt explosions, snow fall, and fire.

    We used Multigen Creator to make all the character and level models. The scenegraph in Creator worked great because we used OpenSceneGraph for the rendering and model loading in our engine. We had to add DOF support to the .flt loader in OpenSceneGraph so that we could do the animation for our characters. We were planning on using sequence animation, but went with DOF to use less memory.

    OpenAL was used for the 3D positional sound. We implemented an add-on to the .flt loader so that we could place sound in the level using Creator. We used the sound coordinates to handle ambient sound effects, such as lava bubbling, crickets, crows, etc.

    More screenshots are available at my homepage

    There is no download available at this time. Besides the distro is around 500 MB so i doubt anyone would download it.

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