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Here are some screenshots from ODEN, a game engine I am working on.

ODEN currently features:
  • OpenGL rendering.
  • Huge landscapes (about 16 square km), rendered with dynamic LOD (not ROAM).
  • Static lightmapping of landscapes.
  • Supports .ASE models.
  • A simple window manager.
  • Extremely bad physics simulation.
  • ODEN currently runs in BeOS only. For the moment I intend to keep it that way since programming for Windows is an pain in the - you know - and programming for BeOS is pure bliss.

    The game itself is in a very early development stage and is currently unnamed. The plan is that it will evolve into an action-strategy game, similar to Battlezone but with the emphasis on surveilance and futuristic weapons rather than resource management and machine-guns.

    All feedback is welcome.

    /Daniel Wesslén (

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