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These four screen shots are from my latest free-time project. I named it "Island Tycoon", but I have a strong feeling that I'll change this, because it just doesn't sound good. Anyway, the future game is based on my engine, Un3D, and it is supposed to be a clone of Transport Tycoon. First what the engine knows until now:
  • landscape (LOD optimization based on the GeoMipMap paper here on flipcode), with splatting, quad tree clipping
  • extremely cool skybox (actually cloud plane, start plane and sun with sun flares)
  • ocean water
  • animated objects
  • primitive particle simulator (will change this, and because I don't like it, no picture of it)
  • a very complex spline generator (for roads, heightMap...)
  • texture shaders (simple ones, but nevertheless shaders)
  • network ready (not tested on a real network yet)
  • I'm using OpenGL, DirectInput and DirectPlay (quess for what)
  • The game knows until now how to handle roads, vehicles, vehicle orders (that means that they can go to "Station 1" and load 30 kilos of gold), factories (they work on scripts) and stations (that provide goods for vehicles and factories from other vehicles and factories). The roads are based on a quite complex spline generator, but very easy to manipulate. You actually have full control to what you can build (check out the upper right image). The upper left image shows the landscape texture splatting thingy. The upper right image is a little older one and it shows some bridges (they are generated automatically when the road gets too steep or too high from the ground). The lower left image is an artistic one (in the distance two factories, and the road that connects them), and last but not least, the lower right image shows an oil drill and a station (please don't laugh at my poor 3DSMax skills). Any more info, you can find at No demo YET, but I expect to upload one after next week (around 10-11 march).

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