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This is a screenshot of XVP skinning and lighting 160 skin meshes in hardware via a 2.0 CG vertex shader. Here are the specs:

1. Each mesh has 36 bones.
2. Each mesh has a little over 2100 faces
3. No more that 5 bone influences per vertex
4. Each mesh is playing its own 45 second skeletal animation (performed by CPU)
5. Each mesh is lit, per-vertex, by a blue point light.

Right now the screenshot shows 30 FPS at 160 meshes, but I had to put it in windowed mode to snap the screenshot (ALT-PRINTSCREEN). The code can actually get closer to 250 skin meshes on the screen before dropping to the 30 FPS mark. THAT'S what I wanted to take a screen shot of, but this will have to do.

Actually, I'd be very interested in knowing performance stats on other people's hardware. If you have the time, you can download the demo along with a whole slew of other XVP demos at There are other demos there like cel shading, per-pixel lighting, cubic environment mapping, animation blending, etc...

Thanks for the viewing time!!

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