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Not long ago I thought it would be cool to have materials that partially look metal and partially not.

I thought that the best way to do this is to use inhomogenous specular highlighting. This can simply be done by using two textures, one with the metal parts white and one with dark metal parts. And then I use the specular light to blend between the two textures. This is really fast on a board that supports multitexturing, and for the little effort it requires, I think it looks quite good. I havenīt seen this anywhere so far, so I just thought about posting it here. Maybe you can even use this technique for any game. A car with such a texture might look good, I think...

You may download this program at in the download section (Be sure to get DirectX 8 first...) Itīs rather slow as it draws the stones two-pass as my graphics card doesnīt support multi-texturing, and so I canīt test one-pass. It also doesnīt support T&L and for sure contains many bugs. Enjoy it ;-)

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