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These are shots from a game I'm coding here at Overloaded, called Resistance. The game runs on a Nokia 7650 Symbian phone, the one with the expandable keyboard and built-in camera. This device has a 12-bit 176x208 color screen and a 100Mhz ARM processor, wich is quite a mighty combination, as you can see in these shots. :)

About the tech: Resistance uses a voxel engine for rendering it's world. The world is a 128x128 heightmap with a 256x256 texture. The voxel engine uses bilinear height and color interpolation (wich looks rather hairy at 12bit, I admit), and vertical interlacing to boost the frame rate to approximately 30fps, and that's fast enough, even for a shoot 'm up. :) Sprites are rendered with scaling and additive transparency (explosions and the sun flare) and of course also with vetical interlacing.

The game itself is a basic mission based / story-driven shoot 'm up.

In case you own a 7650 / 3650: A demo can be downloaded here:

BTW, if these shots inspired you: Overloaded is looking for a talented artist and a coder that can handle 'challenging devices'. A 'Jaap 2' would be fine (although I don't wanna raise one again, Jaap hardly was housebroken ;) ). Overloaded is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We write stuff for mobile devices, at the moment primarily advanced phones such as the 7650, and soon the Microsoft Smartphones.

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