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Recently I found these pictures of my raytracer I've programmed with Watcom C++ for DOS three years ago. As I moved to win32/MFC programming I forgot the sourcecodes somewhere on a backup cdrom. Actually the code was quite well structured and the engine could handle some nice features:
  • 3DS loader with multiple Objects and Lights handling
  • optimized ray-castings with dynamic boundary-spheres
  • all these material properties like specular/diffuse etc levels
  • supersampling
  • reflections/refractions
  • texture- and bump-mapping
  • keyframing for objects/lights/camera -> I saved every single frame and compiled them into a *.FLI file
  • notes to the pictures

    big one:
    one of my favourite pictures showing some colourful/antialiased mushrooms. It took quite a lot of time to raytrace this scene. =)

    little pictures from left to right:
    1. This picture shows the boundary-spheres used to optimize the trace-time and you see quite well, that the mushrooms are splitted into subobjects.
    2. Just another mushroom-pic - in a way I like the cold and clean feel of this one.
    3. Here you see a selfmade 3D character originally made for a demo, which unfortunatly never has been finished. It had quite a lot of subobjects and was fully texture-mapped. Again with some psychic omni-lights.
    4. Another test-scene featuring some antic stones. I remember testing here some material properties..

    In the Image Of The Day Gallery I saw some other raytraced pictures. Hey, great work and keep on programming!

    Yannick Suter

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