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This is a collection of screenshot from a platform-game called Gonny Jr which we made as a 5-week gameproject in school.( It is using RenderWare for graphics (otherwise 5 weeks would be really hard) and fmod for sound. It doesn't have lots of cool features, except maybe particle effects and a nice console (with a dir command which I really miss in most 'professional' consoles). There isn't a demo available, and I'm not sure if there will be (I'm not too pleased with my programming ;).

The development team was:

Me (Tobias Johansson)

Concept Art:
Christopher Brandstrom

Level Design, Modeling and Animation:
Carl Johansson
Emil Gustafson
Sven Forshell
Zilla Thorneny
Christopher Brandstrom

Tommie Ravn

greetings Tobias Johansson (

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