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SceneGen is the real-time 3D engine I'm currently developing in C++, aimed to the recent GPU. It allows the creation of graphically complex scenes with some advanced lighting and shadowing techniques.

This engine works with a plug-in environment which uses different rendering profiles for a greater compatibility range to the most used graphic cards generations. There are currently 6 rendering profiles. The most advanced one uses deferred shading for a fast dynamic pixel lighting with parallax mapping and combines stencil shadows with pixel shaders to create a beautiful, robust and fast soft-shadow rendering.

SceneGen also has an advanced material system which enables artists to customize every texture and geometry of every game entity (including particle systems). It also supports some post process effects such as glow.

The engine is portable, but I'm presently working on a DirectX 9 rendering plug-in.

I posted some other screenshots at The official SceneGen website (in brazilian portuguese) is:

-André Santee

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