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This is a screenshot from Ultragroovalicious, my new OpenGL iTunes visualizer. Its written in nice C++ so adding a new effect is as simple as making a new class that inherits from the Visual class and that overrides Visual's abstract draw method. An audio data manager gives data to visual effects on request. The effects use the sound data to react to the music. There are several things going on in the picture above. The bright ring is part of the parametric paths visual, which wraps the audio spectrum around any parametric path and can morph between two paths. The wispy lines come from the electric field of 17 moving point charges. A 3D surface is shrinking away to make room for a new effect. The frame buffer is not cleared every frame, but instead we draw over it with a black quad of partial opacity. This makes the effects leave "tracers." Most of the effects are inspired by the beauty of nature and mathematics. For example, there is an effect based on the supershape equation, which generates all of the regular solids and many other weird shapes from 3 parameters. Another interesting effect is the particle swarm, where each member of the swarm behaves according to its own frequency of sound and spatial neighbors.

Ultragroovalicious is for Mac OS X 10.2 and higher
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- Forrest Briggs

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