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This is a screenshot from "amju". It's a puzzle game - you pick up and place blocks in order to herd the animals into their sheds. Kind of Chu-chu Rocket on valium. It's written in C++, uses OpenGL and runs on Mac OS X and Windows.

Not too many cutting-edge features here; writing this has primarily been a way for me to learn new things. For instance, I have tried to use Design Patterns where appropriate:
  • The scene graph is a Composite, with Decorators for things like different colours, scrolling textures etc.
  • The State pattern is used to break up the different game states (Title, Demo, Playing etc)
  • ... well, there are probably some more, you get the idea.
  • From first experiments to finished game, this has taken me a looong time to complete - more than 2 years, off and on. The reason is mainly that I have gone down a lot of blind alleys with the gameplay. If you want my advice, come up with the gameplay first, and keep it simple!

    I would be grateful for any feedback, especially bug reports if you find anything broken. You can download the game and see some more screenshots at

    Thanks in advance for your comments!

    Jason Colman

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