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These are a few images from projects which make use of my cross-platform (Flash/Java/J2ME so far) networking engine. This was created to power multi-user Flash-based web games. Including 'twitch' style action games.

The bottom image shows a Mac web browser running one of the first tests which used the system : a simple action game which comes across a bit like a top down BF1942 and supports many players driving different types of vehicle around a scrolling map and shooting each other!

The other images show my J2ME chat room for mobile phones. This uses 90% of the same server code and the J2ME client library to provide a scrolling map which players can walk around with their friends and chat to each other.

To demonstrate the cross-platform nature of the system, the right-middle image shows a Flash port of the chat room running in Firefox. Users on mobile phones and the web can interact with each other and neither they nor the server know/care which client others are using.

Features :
  • Bespoke Java server
  • Flash/Java/J2ME client libraries
  • Easily extensible
  • Robust client-server protocol
  • Both client and server-side movement prediction
  • Supports scripted entities

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