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Behold the screenshots from the addicting little game we've been developing! the game was inspired by the 2-player mode of lemmings(tm) for the super nintendo. it's basically a real-time strategy game (almost like chess) in which you try to save your own 'clones' while trying to stop your opponent from accomplishing the same task by giving actions to your clones such as 'build', 'dig', etc.... it sounds simple, but try playing the 4-player map in which every player is trying to fend off 3 other opponents at once and you'll find out how complex the game can become.

The top-right pic is of the main menu (the background of the main menu is actually a playback of a previously recorded match) showcasing our simple gui code. the top-left picture is of a level named 'snipe'. the idea for this level is was taken from the way that a first person shooter might have 3 players on high ground sniping 10 players on a beach. this level gives the grey team only 10 clones while the green team gets 60.. and so this map is all about clever sabotage! :) the large pic is a screenshot of the 4-player map named 'dump'. it is ideal for setting up different team combinations as it is a fairly large map. in addition, in this screenshot you can see one of the several 'traps' the game features... the little cloud next to the blocker is a 'swap trap' which swaps the color of a clone who passes underneath it, thus changing which team can control that clone!

we've been working on the game since september while going to university, and a demo is available from we would welcome any feedback you might have!

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