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These screenshots where taken from a 3d-engine (editor) project I'm doing in my spare time.

The figures are completely dynamic and animatable. I use a shader concept, which can be compiled for static scenes to speed up the rendering. The shaders support all opengl blending modes and some more general, abstract things like shadow buffering (self shadowing included - as you can see in the image), environment mapping, phong shading, etc

the abstract rendering pathes (for example environment mapping) are automatically optimised, if a grephics card supports a better version (for example qubed environment mapping is then used instead of spherical env-mapping)

With a graphics card with more functions the engine doesn't get more features, it simply gets faster, performing more effects direkly in hardware.

in the picture above you can see shadow buffering and embossed bumpmapping, the figures are lighted with a radiance table.

the dragon runs with 10 fps on my voodoo3 / K6 II 500 and has 1700 triangles, the code is absolutly unoptimised c++ in the moment. the only extension which is needed is gl_arb_multitexture (for the use of both texture-units)


p.s. I think I'll explain the shadow algorithm in the "tip of the day gallery", since there are some tricks needed till it works, but it is as fast as simple texture mapping.

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