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this is a screenshot taken from my current project JPCT, a 3d engine for Java. It requires Java 1.1 or higher and makes no use of the Java3D Api. Everything is done using software rendering. An online (applet) version of the engine (limited features because of loading time) can be found at The more advanced application/offline version can be downloaded from there. The image was taken from the application version.

JPCT features:
  • perspective correct texture-mapping with 16 pixel scanline-subdivision
  • environment-mapping
  • environmental mapped bump mapping
  • sub-pixel and sub-texel accuracy
  • 24 bit RGB perspective correct Gouraud-shading
  • 24 bit textures and framebuffer
  • 32 bit W-Buffer
  • texel-filtering (faked bilinear filtering)
  • any texture-size supported (256*256 used in the demo)
  • FSAA using 2x2 oversampling
  • portal rendering
  • collision detection
  • Best regards,

    Helge Foerster

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