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This image is a screenshot from my game named Oxygene.

This game is a part of Boulder Dash and a part of Pac Man and a part of Bubbles (which is also written by me).

It uses SDL (Simple Directmedia Layer). I wrote it in Delphi6 with JEDI-SDL. It was written for the SDL Game Competition. It uses my SpriteEngine library which is also available in the JEDI-SDL package. The game runs in 640x480x16 resolution. You can download it from my homepage: From my homepage you can download only the windows 9x version of game. The source code is included in the package so if you want to recompile it under Linux (with Kylix) just do it. The game is released under the GNU Licence.

The main features are:
  • 640x480x16 bits (or 15 bits if your videocard doesn't support 16 bits)
  • Sound effects
  • Music (created by WoRRioR:
  • Command line parameters to adjust or turn off music and sound.
  • Command line parameters to change the colordepth to 8, 15, 16, 24 or 32 bits.
  • Windowed or fullscreen mode (from command line).
  • The game is a quite hard one. Some hints: you can refill your oxygene from the small bubbles. The big bubble hurts you. The small fishes doesn't hurt you. You must collect all diamonds to complete a level, so doesn't allow the rocks to fall onto any diamonds! Hope you like it!

    PS: sorry for my English...

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